GLASS, 2016


 Installation view, showing the rear of the sculptural pieces, 2016



Installation view, 2 channel video projection and sculptural elements, 2016



Performance stills, with Emily Ranford and Tim Darbyshire at Monash University.



Performance stills, in the gardens of the Heide Museum of Modern Art, total run time 1 hour.  With Deanne Butterworth, Tim Darbyshire and Benjamin Hancock.  Photography Christian Capurro.


Confetti, (a short excerpt) total video run time is 8:34 sec.  Courtesy the collection of the City of Port Phillip. 




The Age, Arts. Belle Bassin and dancer Benjamin Hancock who are working on
a performance with dancers wearing artworks on the banks of the Yarra at Heide.Pic Simon Schluter 9 Feb 2016.


Glass was initiated by ideas of exploring transference between bodies and objects and the early Dada performance works of Sophie Taeuber-Arp.  Focusing on the kinaesthetic qualities of still shapes and informed by the growth of form in nature and Animist ideas of sentient embodiment; the work presents as a moving work of biomorphic abstraction; a shuffling, dancing painting.